Medical travel insurance

Travel insurance for those with medical conditions can often be a little harder to find. There are many companies who offer the service but at a massively increased premium, well here at allsafe we cover a number of conditions and instances within our standard policy prices and our ultra modern rating structure means you won't be paying over the odds on your pre-existing medical travel insurance.

Online screening

By entering your conditions into our system we can tailor your quote to include cover for medical as you need. The process is quick and easy taking just a few minutes.

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Quick and easy online screening

  • Include cover for the medical conditions you need
  • A screening service updated by professionals
  • Competitive travel insurance with medical premiums
  • Confirmations include all the questions and answered so you can see if anything is wrong
  • Our UK based staff available if needed

Health agreements

If you are travelling to a country in the European Union, you should take a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) with you. Application forms to obtain an EHIC are available from your local post office or you can download an application form from the following website: This entitles European citizens to benefit from the health agreements which exist between countries in the European Union.

Please note that EHIC does not apply to resident of the Isle of Man.

If you are travelling to Australia or New Zealand and you need medical treatment, you should enrol with Medicare or the equivalent scheme of these countries. Further information is available about enrolling in the Medicare scheme in Australia from the following website: If you present your EHIC to the treating doctor or hospital if you need medical treatment within the European Union or you enrol with Medicare when travelling to Australia or New Zealand, this will save you paying the policy excess under section B1 (Medical and other expenses outside of the United Kingdom) if your medical costs are reduced as a result of using your EHIC or Medicare being involved.

For for details of cover or to check the table of benefits please click here to view full policy documents.

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