About allsafe travel insurance

allsafe travel insurance is provided by Brokersure Ltd.

Based in Colchester, Essex, we have developed a new quote engine using the latest web technologies to create a fast and appealing travel insurance quote service.

Having gained more than 25 years experience between them, our Directors have held CEO, board and executive roles at a number of companies including Aon, the AA Group, Drakefield, Go Travel Insurance, Green Flag, UKU, Jardines and Saga travel.

Travel insurance & comparison

The Directors were involved in providing the comparison engine and travel insurance services behind:

  • gocompare.com
  • tescocompare.com
  • uswitch.com
  • moneyexpert.com
  • lloydstsb.com

They delivered similar travel insurance services including claims management to:

  • theaa.com
  • admiral.com
  • elephant.co.uk
  • diamond.co.uk
  • bell.co.uk.

The Directors were specifically involved with the creation of:

  • quotebanana.co.uk
  • 1stoptravelinsurance.co.uk
  • etravelinsurance.co.uk
  • fit2travel.co.ukl
  • gotravelinsurance.co.uk
  • a2ztravelinsurance.co.uk
  • instantcoveronline
  • bigtravelinsurance.co.uk

Further details are available about allSafe travel insurance throughout the website.