Hazardous sports and activities

We are able to cover certain sports and activites as standard, however some may require the policyholder to pay an additional premium for cover to apply and for this to be shown on your policy certificate. Should you wish to participate in a Sport or Activity not listed below then please contact the allsafe travel insurance customer service team before taking part.

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This policy automatically covers you to undertake the activities listed below on a recreational and amateur basis.

It is a condition of this insurance that:

In the case of some sports and activities, your excess under section B1 (Medical and other expenses outside of the United Kingdom) will be increased to £250 and there will be no cover under section G (Personal accident) and section H (Personal liability) whilst taking part in the activity, or exclude cover completely.

For for details of cover or to check the table of benefits please click here to view full policy documents.

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